What is it about the chickens?

Honestly. Almost embarrassingly. I love my chickens.


What is it about these animals that immediately brings such joy to my heart? My hubby recently shared that being around the ladies after a rough day at work or when stressed is a way to distract from the craziness of life and remember how simple life can be. I would agree. Walking into the yard and having these cute fluffy birds run towards you in hopes of a treat, pecking your shoes and hopping up on your lap for an afternoon snooze is so comforting. When you’ve raised a chick, nurtured and cared for it when it was completely helpless and watched it turn into this intricate and energetic hen, it’s remarkable the ownership you feel over them. My hens (Pullets technically, they haven’t started laying yet) aren’t spoiled. I don’t make them a homemade slop of warm oatmeal and corn every morning. But I do feel a great deal of love for them. I spend most of my time just watching them. Watching them interact with one another and with nature.

At my house, chickens are pets. This is okay. This concept is strange to some people. But we raised them to care for them. To love the space they’re in, to love the eggs they conveniently provide and to love their presence in our back yard. Maybe this is why I don’t have to “catch” my birds. I simply kneel down and they come running to me. I pick them up and they nestle down. Maybe they trust me? Maybe they sense that I feel successful having raised them?

The chicks.

Now the type of relationship one has with birds is obviously drastically different then one a person has with a dog or cat. My dog and I understand each other. We’ve got a common language. I’m not so sure my chickens understand me. I don’t see a lot of emotional depth going on in their little faces. Not so with my dog. I can read emotion on my dog’s face. But obviously they’re different species. They’re going to function differently as pets. Each providing something different, its own unique connection. And my chickens like me. I like them. Simple. And weird or not, it’s a blessing to have them there in the backyard, softly cooing, clucking and scratching away.

Lyra - "Chicken Hawk"

Enough talking, I’ve got some bird watching to do.


4 thoughts on “What is it about the chickens?

  1. Chickens really are pretty dumb, but they are still lovable. I wonder which is smarter, a sheep or a chicken. I bet it is a close call. Now think of all the ways we are compared to sheep in the Bible. Read the 23rd Psalms and substitute chicken for sheep. You are your chickens’ caretaker and love them for some mysterious reason, just as God is our caretaker and loves us for some mysterious reason known only to Him.
    Thanks for your blog. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

  2. Haley- Don’t forgot that I helped in the raising of these wonderful chicken for one whole week (well it might have been half a week) but I am pretty sure they are so awesome partly due to me :)

  3. You seem like a chicken pro. It’s a rare thing to have a relationship with a bird, let alone more than one bird, most people don’t like them, but we do! I love that you acknowledge the difference in a pet bird from other pets, cause it’s so true, and there’s nothing like it. People don’t believe me when I say I cuddle with my birdies, but it’s possible! They are the most endearing creatures I know and they always come to my rescue when I’m crying. And the personalities they have! Puppies don’t bring that much joy to my heart.
    Love you, Haley! So glad you can have with these ladies what most people don’t get to experience- the love from feathered friends. :)

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