Bedroom Mural

There are many times when I am sitting in silence in my house…on my couch, bench, bed, out by the coop or while working quietly on a chore, like laundry or dishes imagining how I’d like something to be. & suddenly all the details of a project come into my mind. It’s almost like every aspect to complete it are there all at once and I can see the finished project in vivid detail. I then feverishly start working on whatever idea floated into my mind. As if I pause for too long I might lose the vision and the details along with it. This mural was one such feverish project.

I’ve hated our off-center window since the day we moved in. For some reason I really like things to be symmetrical and weighted evenly. I’d envisioned many times, covering this wall with some fancy modern wall paper which would distract from the gaping hole happening on one side of the wall (the window). But alas, I’m not made of money so that option was out. I’d also contemplated curtains, pictures, mirror, etc, but nothing seemed just right. So out of the blue while petting my lovely Corgi, it popped into my mind. Just paint it yourself. So I did.

I searched for a picture of a big graphic flower (because that’s the kind of wall paper I was attracted to). I found this flower on an image of a greeting card. It was perfect. Big, relatively simple and bold. I used white chalk on our “Moth Wing” colored walls, and had fully intended to end with deep orange purple and red flowers. But once I had outlined the flowers in chalk and had primed the petal with white, I decided to leave the flowers white. It was simple and nice. While I held the picture at a length and free-handed the petals, I only followed the exact pattern on the first flower I drew. The others are versions of this flower. Chalk is a great medium to use when drafting a mural. It easily and clearly marks the wall and it’s so easy to remove. When I would step back and see the outline of my flower, realizing that I didn’t like what I saw, I simply took a paper towel (or more frequently my sleeve) and wiped it away.

I love the bedroom wall now. It’s peaceful and lovely. And, like many of my feverish projects, my husband had no clue what was taking place at home while he was at work…but, like all of my projects, he loved it.


4 thoughts on “Bedroom Mural

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  2. Hailey! I love this wall. I am considering doing something really similar to mine as well. Tell me, was your wall a textured one (as most walls are)? or smooth? Was your wall already that darker tan color? THANKS!

    • Hey Heather!

      Do it! It’s such an inexpensive way to change the look of an entire room!

      Yeah the walls are textured, which can be annoying. If you walk up to ours you can see the imperfections, but rarely do people besides myself notice and/or care.

      The walls were already “moth wing”, I think it’s called. And I used white chalk to outline the shapes, then filled in with layers of white paint.

      I had originally planned of making them different colors. Dark purple and orange or something, but I liked the way white looked.

      Send me a pic if you do something, I’d love to see!


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